I'm a wife, mother and grandmother, and great-grandmother first and foremost. Observant Jewish by faith. Free spirit by nature. I have wanted to be an author since I was very small, and being the determined character that I am, I now am one. It hasn't been an easy road. Although I had articles and small pieces published whilst I was still in primary school, I struggled with the publishing world of books. My first ever novel, Working it Out, (#1 in the Rifki Nesher/Goldberg trilogy) was published in 1990 and several others followed on, totaling 17 to date with my latest book Bloodline, based on my serial Out for Blood in the Ami magazine. At the time of writing this bio, Bloodline is out in Israel, but not yet in the USA or Europe, as my publishers are waiting for the lucrative High Holy Days market to release it. Once it’s released as a print book, I will release the eBook version of it too.


 Audio books are a very expensive way of putting out a book,  as you need a good narrator, and studio time, but they can be so worth it. One of my books, An Ordinary Wednesday, is available as an audio book.  Look on www.mostlymusic.com for it; it’s a very exciting listen!  I hired a very good narrator for it, and am pleased with the results.  But my dream has always been to narrate my own audio books.  I have spoken to the company who put out that audio book, and we have agreed that next time I am in the UK, if I’m there for long enough, I will go to her studio and narrate one of my books.  You might know that we made aliya (emigrated to Israel) in July 2015 and live in Mevasseret Tzion, a beautiful mountain area just outside Jerusalem. Since Coronavirus hit, we haven’t been back to London, our home town, for several months now, and I miss my family there so so much. Hopefully when quarantining ends in the UK, we will go back and visit again.