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Read just some of the reviews of my books below the scrolling images of the books.

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"I have spent the last week being totally absorbed in this trilogy (Rifki Nesher) and have learned so much about the orthodox Jewish way of life, both in London and Israel. Thank you Ruthie Pearlman for a most enjoyable set of stories which address the dilemmas that intelligent, ambitious women face the world over, whatever their religion or culture." Jane Eyre.

Oregongirl wrote on "Lockdown":

‘Lockdown’ is a wonderful novel that can be enjoyed by Jew and gentile alike. A sequel to ‘The School of Secrets’ this novel takes place at Ner Miriam, a private Jewish school in southern England. It reintroduces us to the four senior girls from the previous novel, Rosie, Nena, Shuli, and Yael, who inadvertently become caught in the midst of a murder investigation. Yael Reed quickly becomes the heart of the novel as she takes on the role of an amateur sleuth, determined to help the investigation of John Nesbit & Jim O’Brien who being small town Bournemouth policemen, seem to miss the significance of many of the clues. Lockdown does not depend on big explosions or terrorist acts—it returns to the classic style of Agatha Christie detective work that makes this novel unfold deliciously to the reader. I particularly enjoyed how the author used Hebrew terms in the novel, but always insured the reader (if non-Jewish) would understand what she was referring to. This book is wonderful for YA and adults alike and I look forward to reading other works by this author, particularly the anticipated 3rd segment of this series. Highly recommended.

"From the moment I started reading this book Rifki jumped out of the book and sat down beside me and told me her story. Not from my kindle but with her own what a girl!" - Chicca on "Working it Out"

"I really enjoyed this book, really could not put it down. The plot, although scary, was brilliant" DJ Baum on "The Group".

Suspense on every page from the very beginning until the end, "An Ordinary Wednesday" brings you into the life of an ordinary guy whose life completely changes in very little time. This thrilling plot can be the life of any person out there and brings out a message so powerful and so real. A definite read for all adults. -Regina Fillange

"Review of An Ordinary Wednesday by  R. Helene:


It took me a while to get into it but that's probably because it was on my phone and...distractions ;)
Once I got into it, I finished it in one day. The author has great imagination, the plot draws you in and you truly feel your stomach turning with suspense. The ending was totally unpredictable, it turned out very differently than I had expected. The suspense lasted literally until the last page...
I very much recommend this book, especially if you're into thrillers!"

"Only a veteran writer could handle a crime story as well as Dark Tapestry. .... A very good read. I recommend you become a fan of Ruthie Pearlman because I certainly am." - Cagelvision

"Courageous work - honest, true-to-life portrayal of teens at risk. The book touches on many formerly taboo subjects - drugs, violence, crime, overdose and suicide attempts, growing up fatherless, with half-siblings from different fathers. Relationships between teens at risk and their parents and siblings are explored in depth. Realistically, the parents have so much power to stop the situation from rolling downhill, if only they could bring themselves to overcome their own anger and shame and take a tiny step towards taking responsibility for the problem. Sometimes, all it takes is a sincere apology. Will they do it?" Yehudis Litvak on "Against The Wall"

"The Movement is a fantastic mystery/thriller that kept me glued to my Kindle.." - Charles P. Spencer

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